Your Eureka Moment Explained

Nature prepares leaders and gives amazing support and rewards.

The parallels between finding your niche and falling in love.

Across a crowded room you see someone and even before you know anything about them you know that you must meet them and spend the rest of your life with them.

We have other such moments in life. I believe that this is why you have come to this article; not because of these very words but because you have come to another significant stage in your life; another lightbulb moment when you know that you have a purpose which you must pursue.

Just like when nature shows you where your life partner will be, it shows you how you can be most successful. If we were bees in a hive our lives would be clearly mapped out from the beginning. Other groups of animals adopt individual roles and establish hierarchies. We are the only species with significant intellect so we can choose whether to pursue our  role, but it is ridiculous to think that nature did not prepare the most intelligent species for all the essential roles to lead the it forward in development.

You have come to this stage in life where your purpose is being unfolded within you. The drive, the sense of urgency, the great urge you feel is an indication that you are ready. Where your exact niche or role lies may yet need to be clarified. The sense of excitement is nature’s way of promoting you. If you take the right step from here you will be unstoppable.

The rewards for doing the right thing; the fantastic  emotions of love, altruism, success and motivation are the feelings as our bodies are flooded with the hormones essential to help us do the very best in that situation.

I have explained this in The Mind Diet.

So, when you get the eureka moment of discovering your purpose,  whether it be as inventor, entrepreneur, teacher or leader, for example, it is certain that nature will give you the tools or the direction so that you can be the best at your niche.

This is what drove you to search for help on the internet and in books.

Let us take the analogy of falling in love one step further. Your mind is developing all the time. This happens by growth in brain cells. What is unique about nerve cells is that they have thousands of connectors reaching out from each cell which connect with other cells. These connectors are called Dendrites. Nerve cells also have Axons which reach more widely into the body and also into the various parts of the brain.

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When the correct pattern is established – call it the mindset or network – you are ready for the next stage in life. Suddenly across the crowded room, so to speak, you see opportunity.

When we get that eureka moment for success. When you get that fabulous urge to move on in your life, the inner network is ready – the mindset – for you to latch on to your niche to move to the next stage in playing your role in life.

When you fall in love you know who you need for the next stage in your life. You grow in self-confidence, you have the feeling of support and motivation. Hormones prepare your body for the next phase. You become healthier, stress free, full of purpose.


Nature supports the drive for success in the very same way. You seek likeminded people to be with. You need a guide and a mentor. Suddenly they appear. You read and hear things which have great meaning to you. You feel on top of the world.

This internal chemistry creates the perfect environment for further interconnections between nerves and parts of the brain. Success breeds success.

The Mind Diet explains how this is so.

  • When you are ready you know what you want.
  • When you meet others with the same mindset you feel a harmony.
  • You will seek out the best information possible.
  • You will strike particular harmony with a few individuals; people you may never meet but who speak your language and understand how you feel.

You need someone who will:

  • Clarify your niche, or real purpose
  • Who will guide you
  • Who will clarify your plan and way forward
  • Who will show you what you need to know or learn
  • Who will boost your self-confidence
  • Who will focus your attention
  • Whose presence will motivate
  • Who will live in your head as silent your mentor and guide.
  • Just like falling in love.


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