Two Lessons I have Learnt From Deepak Chopra

“The greatest source of chemical damage to the body is from our thoughts.”

This explains what all other motivational and self-improvement speakers mean when  they say that “we become want we think about”.

There are other articles here on this site which explain the effects of the internal chemistry of the body.  If we think stressful thoughts or any negative thoughts such as worry or guilt, the dreadful feelings are caused by the hormonal chemistry of stress and anxiety.

The purpose of this stress chemistry is to prime the body for action in defence or escape. We obviously need this capability but stress has another essential contribution. It is essential for growth. Training and learning in every area of life is achieved by pushing out our boundaries and then relaxing.

There are times when stress is more noticeable. This can be at times of fright or when we are forced to push far beyond our comfort zone. The feeling at times like this are well known. I will just list a few to which we can all relate.

  • Nausea; because an empty stomach is necessary if we are to be able to run.
  • Similarly the urge to empty the bladder and bowels.
  • Blood being used for digestion is required in muscles and therefore must be shut down to the intestines.
  • Blood pressure is increased
  • Blood is also diverted from the skin for the same reason.
  • The concentration of the blood is altered to protect in case of injury
  • Heart and breathing are speeded up.
  • Across the body, systems not needed for defence are shut down.
  • Reproduction is an example.

This list is not intended to be complete but shows how stress chemistry reaches into every area of the body. It can be easily seen how damage can occur if stress is not resolved..

It is not intended by nature that we stay in this chemical state of alertness for long. In a fright experience once the cause has gone it is followed by a period of recovery; laughter or tears, which washes the chemistry away and the body returns to normal.

If it does not. If stress persists keeping the body systems running the way described above, damage will occur. 75% of all illness is said to be caused by stress.

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The greatest source of chemical damage.

 Lesson two:

We copy a programme for every period of our lives from those influential on us.

The other lesson which I learnt from Chopra is that we copy a blueprint for our lives from those influential on us in ore development years. What really struck me was when Chopra said that this includes copying a programme for old age from our grand-parents or similar influential people of that age.

Something I hate to hear friends say is “I am too old for this”. How do they know? Health, and fitness are improving across life and people are living longer. We can learn, increase fitness and improve brain capacity at any age. We must be careful not to have pre-set ideas of when our bodies will start to wind down.

If we are to be free to create ourselves we must examine our beliefs. Beliefs must not be a barrier or a self-protection against ambition and critical thinking. No others have gone down this route before in the same way as life is for us.

If we wish or have intention, we sow a seed. So be careful what you wish for. In the development of a child we have the power to sow seeds. I saw recently a three-D image of the brain of a three month premature baby. There was so much development left to occur when compared to a full term baby. I was struck by how vulnerable such a child is to the way in which its needs are responded to in that period of development.

We know from neuroscience that the brain is not fixed at any time in life in terms of the interconnections between cells or between parts of the brain. This occurs most effectively when the body chemistry is healthy. This is the perfect environment for brain cell growth to occur. When older we can manage the environment and choose which influences to accept.

It is very different for the child.

The responsibility of parenting a very young child can be understood once we accept these simple lessons.

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