The Science of Success

There is no doubt that built into the normal growth and regeneration of your body is the ability to build the subconscious programme for success.

Whatever name is used, whatever the label, we do have an inbuilt ability to draw opportunity into our lives. This power is proven in neurology and in biochemistry. It is important to understand it and to take control of it.

Most often the process is couched in terms such as The laws of Attraction, Manifestation and Visualisation, which make it a bit too ‘new age’ for the average person to accept.  In this article I want to explore the aspects of the subconscious and our internal chemistry which enable us to attract opportunity into your life.

Unfortunately it will not help you win the lottery because there is a sound and scientific explanation as to how it does work. It is totally logical.

What do you notice as you go through your daily activities?

I am a businessman  with various interests. Firstly I am a dental surgeon  so I notice peoples teeth, admire  smiles and I plot what I could do to make them nicer. As I talk to people I have to consciously look them in the eye and divert from the dental examination!

But I have other interests too. Another is property development so I notice derelict buildings and building siteswith enthusiasm. As I go I see intriguing opportunities for new business possibilities.

Gardening is a special pleasure which fills any walk I take around my neighbourhood. I see cars like mine amongst the crowded traffic and even hear them as they approach when I cannot see them.

I often wonder how the world looks through the eyes of others. Does a doctor see a world of ailments or an architect see inspiration or lack of imagination?

I marvel at how a snooker player sees potential five moves ahead and wonder does that affect how they see the world.

I know by being with engineering friends that they observe and question major construction projects. We see in the world those things we are knowledgeable and interested in.

Awareness is a powerful subconscious ability.

Awareness works in various ways and many levels. Firstly it is there to protect you. No matter how distracted you are when walking or driving you are still alert to danger by this self-protection layer of awareness. It is a programme which is running constantly in the subconscious. It is one of the default settings of our being.

On another level there is the awareness of all those things as I have described above. We see what we are interested in. If we are not careful we limit ourselves to those aspects of life. We reinforce our areas of interests and beliefs by selectively observing and reading.

The subconscious mind is programmed firstly for self-protection. It also holds a programme for all essential bodily functions to maintain health, working every moment of the day, called the circadian rhythm.  Then there is the part of the subconscious which you have trained  yourself with all the rituals and routines of your normal day.

On a negative note you will have trained your awareness to be sensitive to the things of which you are afraid – spiders for example. For pleasure  have trained the subconscious to draw to your attention the things which interest you and give you enjoyment.

If you are looking for clothes, a new car, buying a house or perhaps having a baby, you will become hyper aware of associated things in your environment, seeing them everywhere you turn.

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This point is the crux of all the talk about bringing success into your life. Whatever you firmly believe in – your antennae will be up so to speak – will become a reality; within sensible reason of course.

Once you decide to do or achieve something – build it into your intention – it will grow in your awareness. You will attract it into your life.

While you are pondering and planning what you want to achieve. While you are dreaming and visualising how it will be to have it, something is happening deep inside you.

Here is the scientific explanation for what is happening.


  • Nature did not create us with talent and intelligence without the facility to get best use of them.
  • We already use this ability to form habits and rituals which make life easier for us. Washing, dressing and driving as examples
  • All of these abilities and rituals are recorded in the subconscious mind.
  • Creating these memorised programmes happens by new nerve cell connections and new brain cell growth.
  • These connections are made possible by a mixture of hormones in the blood which creates the best environment for growth.
  • The release of this internal chemistry id managed by positive thought, visualisation, dreaming of success etc.
  • Hormones cause feelings which we call emotions.
  • The emotion for new brain cell growth is called enthusiasm. All positive emotions create the right environment. The fabulous emotions of success and love are nice examples.

If you love to do something you will know how it is easy to build enthusiasm. Whatever you want to achieve is something you would love to have in your life. You build enthusiasm by learning more about it. As it grows in your awareness your mind is building a programme which seeks it out in your environment.

The next benefit of enthusiasm is that nature also gives you the power to take action. This power is hormonal also. If you want to run  a mile and train for it, as soon as you start, nature gives you the ability to produce the necessary energy. This is why in problem solving, once you decide to take action on a plan, the problem seems less.

Taking action empowers you

A great way to build enthusiasm is to associate with likeminded people. The positive chemical energy from this is directly opposite to the negative chemistry of associating with negative people.

Someone said: success is on the other side of fear. When you overcome a fear, exhilaration is the reward. This is nature’s reward of positive energy which records that success permanently and uses it as motivation to further success.

In the next post I will write  about how you use the: law of attraction, manifestation or visualisation; whatever term you wish to use, to grow awareness so that what you deeply desire comes into your life.

There is no doubt that you have the ability built into the normal growth and regeneration of your body.

There is so much more to this powerful message. Learn more about it in my new book, The Mind Diet.