Be Careful How You Think.

The Point at Which Success Begins

Here’s something intriguing for you to try. It is fun but also a very important lesson for your success. I learnt it from Deepak Chopra years ago. Give it a try because it is a great exercise in discovering the power of thought, intention and concentration.

It is a lesson how how little seeds of thought are so powerful growing muscle, brain cells and success.

Make a little pendulum for yourself; just use a piece of strong thread about a foot long with a little weight at the end. Use anything you find close at hand.

Sit so that you can rest your elbow on a table. Hold your pendulum as still as you possibly can so that there is no movement. Be determined not to move it because you will only be fooling yourself.

Now focus your thoughts on the weight at the end. Using thought alone, move the weight from side to side. Then stop it. Move it the opposite way. Stop it and make it go in circles. Be as sure as you can that you are not causing any movement with your hand.

Amazingly the Pendulum obeys your thoughts even when you honestly not making any  movement by any other means.

Success and growth are not magic.

I am not proclaiming some magical force for this but it is an intriguing demonstration of the power of intention. When it is strong it is impossible to resist and the stronger the intention the more powerful the involuntary action. In a way it is magic I suppose!

It is important to remember that any thoughts we hold in our mind have an effect.

There are other scientific demonstrations of this fact.

There are many studies which have shown that by simply  imagining an exercise routine for  a muscle will significantly increase its strength.

Researchers at the Ohio Musculoskeletal and Neurological Institute demonstrated this with a group of volunteers who had a limb placed in a cast. Some were given exercises simply to visualise without actively performing them. The other group – the control group – did nothing.

After a month the group visualising the activity had lost only half of the power lost by the control group.

An article in the New York Times   Demonstrates the power of imagery and the role of psychologists in athletics and where athletes who cannot train physically, due to injury, can train to success by the power of thought only, in deep visualisation and imagery.

Be specific in the goals.

People working out with weights can increase the effectiveness of an exercise by focusing their thoughts on the task in hand. This desired outcome might be in very different ways from the same exercise.

  • A bodybuilder who is concerned about shape of a particular muscle will achieve his desired  shape by focusing his thoughts on that outcome but may not achieve the strength achieved by a weight lifter.
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  • A weightlifter concerned for the strength of the same muscle  will achieve the desired strength but from a different shape by concentrating on the desired outcome.
  • An athlete concerned for the function of the limb or entire physique will achieve balance and smooth function while not concerned about shape or strength of an individual muscle.

This is called the Mind Muscle Connection. Where an athlete can produce very different outcomes in the same muscle from the same exercise producing the desired result of shape or strength or fluidity.

Here is an interesting little video to emphasise this point further.


Clearly defined intention brings the precise desired outcome.

Performing a High intensity workout such as Tabata can produce a physiological response lasting long after the exercise is finished; for more than 24 hours.

Muscle growth in training is brought about by producing micro-tears in the muscle. Healing brings growth. There are two components therefore, work and recovery. Growth hormone is stimulated by the exercise.

Corelation between brain growth and exercise.

Research has found a direct relationship between the size of a part of the brain called the Hypothalamus  and the duration of exercise. The hypothalamus is the centre of hormone release and stimulation and therefore regulating the body’s metabolism and growth.

It is clear from the few examples above that muscle growth can be achieved by the power of thought alone. This is yet another way of demonstrating the power of thought to affect the stimulation of hormone production from the brain in a cascade effect.The power of intention and taking action.

Building your intention to achieve and be successful is a powerful component in success. It delivers the necessary internal drive to take action. Taking action is like adding physical training to visualised actions. The growth in muscle and brain increases in line with the intensity and duration of action.

  • How does this happen?
  • How can you manage this amazing power within you?

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