Imaging How You Want to Feel.

where do you go in these moments
  • Where do you go when you imagine, when you daydream?
  • When do you feel most fulfilled?
  • What makes you happy or just content?
  • What are you truly passionate about?

I was in Dubai last week speaking at, and chairing, a conference. I was there in my roles as a dentist and from my experience of care of the elderly which was one of my business interests; indeed it was more than a business. It was a very rewarding way of helping older people which is something I am passionate about.

My topic was treatment planning in dentistry for the final years of life. But it is a subject with relevance to every stage of life. This was an experience very relevant to personal success.

Dubai was the perfect place to discuss life planning;

most certainly not the final year as far as the Emirate is concerned. It is young and forward looking. Planning for success. But in doing so it must plan for change because its initial ‘talent’, oil, will run out.

What a great job they have done. The city exudes success. Its achievements can be seen as a plan for us as individuals.
History and modern

How can we best exploit our talents?

What are the most important things in our lives?

Who do we need around us to achieve our goals?

What obstacles do you need to overcome?

What will we be proudest of achieving?

If we are to leave a legacy, what will it be?

In Dubai the talent was obviously oil.

It was, however, a limited resource. The greater talent was having a clear and massively ambitious vision. It has invested the early income wisely in essential infrastructure – electricity, for example, and water. It also enables all newlyweds to have a house and is focused on education through which all children are learning to write code for software.

The oil is already running out but the basis of an economy has been established. Tourism, a tax free zone to attract business and a port which supplies its neighbours.

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Success based on culture and beliefs

The most important things are Islam and their ancient desert culture. Both of these overtly coexist with a modern and outward looking cosmopolitan nation. 83% of residents are foreigners.

Islam and culture are in the brief for the architecture of the many skyscrapers tower over the city like massive sculptures.

The ambitious development plan needs people; workers and tourists and businesses. The climate is not the most hospitable but accommodating that in air-conditioned malls adds to the attraction for everyone. You can even go to the ski slope!

Read this article as if it was about you

and you exploiting your talents. Investing in the future. Build your future around your values but focus on helping others. Always be focused on the future by revisiting your plan. The goals you set may indicate a very different direction when they are achieved.

Goals should not therefore be too great. That leads to inflexibility and frustration.

I once sat at a dinner with a group of young dentists who were, just by chance, all from the same cultural background. A lasting memory/lesson from that evening was from the conversation around the table.

They all shared the same philosophy.
Growing talents young

The route to success in life was to live their first year after leaving their studies as if they were still students. In other words life an impoverished lifestyle for one extra year and invest the entire income for the future. We cannot all do so but it is a fact that money invested when young has a tremendous opportunity to grow. Pension funds will confirm this philosophy.

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