The extraordinary power of visualisation

I had a great dream which I will share to demonstrate the power of visualisation. Visualisation is a powerful tool in the desire for success. Please do not be put off as I recall it. There is an important message.

In my dream I was in my garden. It was a lovely time of year. The grapes are ripening; big, fat and juicy. In the dream they were bigger than ever and so sweet. As I looked around the fantastically luscious garden I noticed the biggest grape I have ever seen. It was the size of an aubergine.

Just as I picked it something hit my leg. I looked down to see a bat lying on the ground with its wings spread. It was brown and furry rather than black but as ugly as ever. The massive grape in my hand had turned out to be an apple and was absolutely crawling with bugs. Such things do not bother me but there were nearly too many.

I brushed and blew them away as I walked towards the house. When I looked back the bat was following me. Each time it moved it was surrounded by a swarm of fleas; so many that they resembled those swarms of birds one often sees swirling in the evening sky.

I awoke with such a clear vision of the dream which came in little flashbacks in the morning.
Whenever I remember the fleas it makes me itchy.

What is happening here is that my mind has created this intensely clear vision. This has produced an emotion so powerful that it is at the back of my mind all morning with the power to make me shiver and itchy. As I related the dream to my wife over breakfast she asked me to stop as the thought was making her sick.

How does the flashback of the dream make me itchy? And how does just talking about it make someone feel ill? It is because the picture is so vivid that we feel the emotion of it.

This is the power of visualisation. If you can create a vision so clear, of what you intend to achieve during any day, it will in turn produce the emotion which you will feel once you have achieved this dream.

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An emotion is how you feel when a particular hormonal cocktail is flowing in your blood stream. If you can so intensely feel and sense what you wish to achieve it will, like the itch generated by the fleas, empower you to achieve that ambition. It will create an itch – so to speak – which will focus your mind on your goal.

Athletes, sportsmen, and high achievers in all walks of life use this technique to set the perfect body state to enable them to achieve their goals.

As children we all used this ability. We could create our own little world in play. As an astronaut, or a nurse, or perhaps as a footballer in the Cup Final, scoring the winning goal. As adults we also do this. Suspending our disbelief, they call it, when we go to the cinema or theatre and allow ourselves to be drawn into the make believe world by the actors.

This is a process which you can once again discover for yourself.

I use it every time I go in my car. I visualise a parking place outside my destination. it is invariably there as I arrive.

How to visualise.

The process is simple. It is just as in the dream/nightmare above. Build a picture in your imagination of what you dearly wish to achieve. Imagine the sounds and scents to accompany your imaginary picture. Build the picture as clearly as I recall in my dream so that you can feel it and smell it; you can almost touch it.

If you can imagine some bugs and feel itchy. If you can think of squeezing a lemon and make your mouth water. If you think of someone you love and feel great; remember it is purely by the power of thought that you change the way you feel.

When you visualise what you really want to bring into your life, amazing things will begin to happen.

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