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How Do You Say Who You Are

Just as I started to write this post I was delayed by five minutes. It was a valuable time spent because, purely by coincidence it was an advertisement on YouTube which distracted me demonstrating the point I wanted to make.

As I sat to write I went to YouTube to find a piece of music which I often use when writing. It is the same piece I regularly use in meditation in the morning. I am listening to it now. It is a piece composed for Wayne Dyer, a man I have respected for years who sadly passed away recently.

For the first time ever my attention was drawn by the advert at the beginning of the YouTube recording, which preceded the start of the video. I have written previously about how we all need self-knowledge in a number of ways. The first analogy I have used is: The Interview in a Lift. If you were to have a chance encounter in an elevator with someone you dearly wished to meet and impress for the job of your dreams. How would you sell yourself in those precious few seconds of the journey.

It struck me recently that there is a better analogy. Each time I go to YouTube there is an annoying little advertisement. Even my little grandson hates them. I have to wait five seconds before I can skip the rest. I think so often about what a wasted advertising opportunity it is.

What will you say?

The point is that if you have five seconds to grab someone’s attention you must not waste it. What would you say about yourself in the first seconds that would grab the attention of others and get your important message across. Another example would be going for an interview. How would you sumarise yourself in two sentences so that you cannot be resisted. Planning to do just this is the purpose of a free gift which I have left for you in the top right hand corner of this page. Do take it and read it.

When you think of a good friend, the instantaneous comforting feeling is just an emotion. It is a package of feelings wrapped up in one. You don’t think of the list or good points that you like about the friend.

What is it about you which forms that emotion in your friends? You must deconstruct those elements of yourself to understand them and know exactly what it is that you are good at. This is your unique selling point and your mission statement.

We all know that first impressions matter a lot. So when you start to record that video advertisement about yourself to put on YouTube you must grab attention of the viewer in a way that they are compelled to watch to the end.

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When selling ourselves we need to understand self like this. But most importantly what is it that we have to offer the other person. For the first time ever on YouTube I watched the advertisement for over four minutes because it was a subject in which I was interested, the guy presented himself in an easy way but above all he made his main point in the first second.

I came to my computer to write about this very point and there was a great example. Coincidence maybe. That will be the subject of another article.

In the meantime download the free exercise at the top right hand corner above to Discover the Route to Your Success.

The fact is that when you know yourself and what you are searching for in life – when you know it so clearly that you can get it across in a sentence, or two at the very most, you will see it everywhere around you. What the mind focuses on becomes reality.

When buying a new car we do a lot of research. We know precisely what we want when making the decision and will be well rehearsed and knowledgeable when we go to the showroom. When we are ready, the car of our choice – of our dreams – will be embedded into the subconscious so we become hyper-aware of it and see it everywhere. It stands out above all others on the road. When the salesperson in the showroom asks you what exactly you wish to purchase, you know and cannot wait to tell them.

There are things in life which are far more important than a car. You owe it to yourself to be as well rehearsed when pursuing them. When shaping how you express your message always remember that we succeed by altruism; knowing the needs of others and providing for them. We do this not as a martyr or subservient but form knowing what we have to offer others and by doing it in a way which helps them but with self-confidence that we have something great to offer them.

Self-confidence, self-knowledge and altruism. Three simple words which are the fundamentals of success. Start here right now by taking advantage of the free gift above.