What is The Mind Diet

What is meant by the saying that “we become what we think about”? We know that stress causes illness. Some say 75% of illness. If we were to understand how this happens at hormonal  level and use this knowledge to create a healthy environment, brain cells and every cell in the body would benefit. Our ability to think more clearly would benefit wellbeing and success.

At the time of conception we are but two strands of genes packed with the history of their survival. Only the fittest, strongest, most cunning, most clever and the most fortunate have made it this far.

Intriguing! Read how.

All of this history is embraced into a single cell which is 90% water and from this point we grow bathed in the fluids and chemistry our mother’s blood stream. The circumstances which control that chemistry are very important. Her happiness and sadness are feelings caused by her chemistry. Her thoughts become the chemistry which influences the moulding of a new life.

It is important to think on this. We are built from the elements drawn from mother’s blood stream which created the fluids of the womb and supplied the vessels of the umbilical cord. Every organ of the body grew in this way including the infrastructure of the mind. The environment in which growth occurs is the chemistry of body fluids.

The cells of which we are formed at this time have a life shelf life. Throughout life they die and are replaced. The growth is still a chemical process but now the chemical environment of that regeneration is within our control. Learn how to gain that control.

This is the freedom to which Sartre said that we are condemned. The mind is our filter through which we view the world. It is through this filter that we make judgements. Our judgements are enacted by the flow of body chemistry which is triggered by those judgements.

When a child is born it is already instilled with its history as the basis of judging life. It can be the only basis for the beginning of its journey. Its genetic history of survival, culture, family circumstances and religion, pre-set what has been, up to that time, the safe route to survival.

An example would be: our ancestors who had a healthy fear of deadly snakes are the ones who survived. We are their descendants. We will have such healthy fears also.

Memory forms our filter on the world. Our fundamental instinct is for survival. We make judgements from day one and store that reaction as a memory in the subconscious. This memory now forms part of our filter and so the subconscious builds. So our judgements build.

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Memories are stored as a trigger for a reaction to a particular situation. They are formed by unique combinations of connections between some of the billions of brain cells. Each brain cell has hundreds of connecting fibres which reach out across the brain.

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When a memory is triggered it sends its messages by chemical means – hormones and neurotransmitters – to set in motion our response which is emotion and probably action. All are the result of chemical changes flowing through the body.

Thoughts cause chemical changes. Our cells are constantly being replaced. This happens at chemical level so the state of that chemistry affects the quality of regeneration. Thinking affects the state of health at cellular level or put another way the chemical environment in which regeneration occurs.

So it is with the brain and the mind. The brain regenerates just as any other organ. It is proven by research that when the chemical environment is right the quality of the interconnections between new brain cells is greatly improved when it is called upon to do so by function. The brain grows and becomes fit just as a muscle will.

We become what we think about.

The brain is well protected from the chemistry of the blood. There is a barrier – the blood brain Barrier – which acts as a protector except in some circumstances when damaging chemicals do get through. But hormones and neurotransmitters are made within the brain and sent to trigger other chemistry throughout the body.

It is well known that stress causes illness. It can be seen now how this happens. Stress is a thought process.


A diet for the mind is therefore not about what we eat. It is about the internal chemical environment which we make of it.

We are not trapped by our history or culture or folklore or religion. We can change our minds. It is as simple as that. We cannot change any of our experiences but we can change how we interpret them. We can take control. The very act of taking control is powerful because nature gives us the body chemistry to do so.

By the power of thought we take control of our future by taking control of the chemical environment of the body.

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