The 12 Point Plan for New Year’s Resolution

You will seldom see an article about new year resolutions a month before the event. Articles on the subject are usually written in mid-January when 92% are already broken.  Here is a twelve step plan for a successful New Year’s resolution for 2018.

For success we need a structure to the plan. New Year’s Day is different because it is a landmark in our lives. In some ways it has been the opportunity to postpone things which need to be done – should be done. It gives an excuse to put off what we know we should be doing.

But it is also a clear starting point which commonly follows a period of excess.

1. Your goal should be about good things not guilt:

Focused on Success

Whatever the resolution is tells us something about ourselves. Perhaps somewhat guilty about weight, fitness, or bad habits like alcohol, food or other damaging substances. Your resolution might be for something really great; a holiday of a lifetime which you have been postponing or a life changing decision of job, moving house or marriage.

When you sit with a group of friends on New year’s Eve and someone asks what you dearly wish to achieve next year it is pretty certain that very quickly you could answer the question and possibly add more than one wish. These are things which deep down you feel that you must change. If you can answer so quickly it is because you have thought about it. Perhaps only subconsciously. But you have thought enough so that it is the first thing you think of. It is something on your mind, niggling and waiting to be expressed.

2. How do you turn these wishes into reality.

This year you can go one step better and plan ahead. All around me people are already putting up Christmas trees and decorations and it is only the 5th of December. People are planning for a great Christmas.

A resolution should be planned for equally well. A resolution is for life not for just a few days. It is a project and needs to be planned as such. It will be something you have dreamed of. A new house, a better job, getting married, the holiday of a lifetime. You could talk for hours about these dreams.

How to turn it into reality.

Many gurus will tell you about goals. The jargon is about SMART goals.

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Achievable
  • Relevant
  • Time- based

This acronym has been constructed only to look clever but it is a confused approach which does not clearly set out an achievement-planning process.

Your resolution must be relevant and realistic. To make it achievable it must be specific, measurable and time based.

 When you sit down to dinner on New Year’s Eve and someone asks you what you dearly wish to achieve next year you should plan so well that you are able to answer immediately and with clarity. This sounds boring but it won’t be because it should only take you one sentence or two. This year you will have planned. And you could continue to explain – if asked!! – with great enthusiasm because you can feel as if you have already achieved it. Such has been your planning.


3. A relevant goal.

So, to start with you will have chosen something very relevant. Something you deeply desire. Something you have dreamed about. If you cannot say immediately what that is, write a list of things you would like to have or happen in your life. It may be that you are afraid to write it because you feel that it is not achievable. Write it down.

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When you have a list analyse the list removing items so that the single most important item remains.

4. Is it realistic.     

At first, achieving your dream may seem impossible. What you have chosen as top of your list is important to you. By going through a goal setting project you will discover in most cases that it is achievable.

5. Make it specific.

Write out what it is exactly that you want to achieve. Write it long so that you clearly set out the goal in its entirety. Then rewrite and rewrite again and again until you can say in two sentences exactly what it is.

6. It must be ambitious:

A resolution is for something outside your comfort zone. Be ambitious. The greatest reward is in achieving something which you fear or dared to do. But it must be of value to you when achieved.

7. Make it achievable.

If you are to build a house, plan a wedding or any major event in your life you know that it needs planning. Your resolution this year, whatever it is, if it is to be successful needs a similarly thorough approach.

A project may have Gantt charts which set out a timeline for each step and clearly shows what must happen before moving to each next step, all the way to conclusion.

In your personal project break it down into similar steps. Have many goals along the way. Stop and celebrate as each is achieved. This will motivate to the next.

Congratulate yourself on each goal achieved and log it into your self-talk as a new ability or talent you have achieved.

 8. Know who you need:

We always need support if a goal is ambitious enough. It is important only to involve those who will be helpful and supportive.

9. Make a commitment:

Tell people close to you what you wish to achieve. This important step is your commitment to your goal. It is powerful in a number of ways. Talking about it changes the focus within your subconscious. Writing it down, refining the idea on paper, reading it and then talking about goals, all use differing parts of the brain which help focus and the construction of a mental picture.

Telling others about your ambition makes it just that little bit more difficult to break the resolution.

10. Use positive language:

When you tell others you will use positive language. It is unlikely that you would not speak enthusiastically as if you had already achieved what you are talking about. Use the same positivity when you are talking quietly to yourself.

11. Always have small, measurable and achievable goals:

If your project is ambitious it needs to be broken down into achievable bite sized pieces. Celebrate each step along the way. Never see obstacles or challenges as failure. See them as a new goal and celebrate resolving them along the way.

If you follow these steps, when you are at the party on New Year’s Eve you will be ready to make a commitment which will have every chance of success.

12: Be bold. Be ambitious. You can achieve great things.

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